Minimize side effects arising from corneal damage!

All laser LASEK is a procedure during which the corneal epithelium is removed with an excimer laser, and vision is corrected before the cornea is covered with a protective lens.

  • 1. Removal of the epithelium
  • 2. Laser removes tissue by multiple pulse photoablation to change the shape of the cornea.
  • 3. Bandage contact lens inserted.

B&VIIT was the first in Korea to introduce LASEK

Having begun by introducing LASEK to Korea in 1999, we have been further developing improved surgical methods based on ceaseless clinical research in collaboration with university hospitals and specialized research institutions.


The lowest amount of corneal removal in the world! Optimized for high myopia and astigmatism.

Amaris Red

The highest speed in the world! Fortified safety through 7-dimensional eyeball tracking.

B&VIIT customized laser LASEK

B&VIIT performs surgical procedures that drastically supplement the shortcomings of LASEK, including pain and corneal opacity, by applying clinical expertise based on extended research in the development of more desirable procedures.

Advantages of All-laser LASEK

  • Possible to minimize associated side effects since the area of the cornea cut-out is small.
  • Appropriate for those who engage in an extensive range of activities, since it is sturdy against external impacts.

Disadvantages of All-laser LASEK

  • Greater pain and slower recovery in comparison to LASIK.
  • Corneal opacity can occur, and long-term postoperative care is required.

“Upgrade the LASEK procedure through EYECLE LASEK, only with B&VIIT!”

EYECLE LASEK : Culmination of B&VIIT’s research M- LASEK : B&VIIT’s own procedure with mitomycin, customized to the client

Which vision correction surgery is appropriate for me?


Small Incision Lenticule Extraction

All-laser LASIK

Laser Assisted in situ Keratomileusis

All-laser LASEK(PRK)

Laser Sub-Epithelial Keratomileusis


Phakic Intraocular Lens

Characteristic Combination of the advantages of LASIK and LASEK Less pain and faster recovery! Strong against external impacts Minimize corneal damage
  • Those wanting quick recovery
  • Those with severe dry eyes
  • Those needing correction of myopia or astigmatism
  • Those with difficulties in taking leave from work
  • Those sensitive to pain
  • Those needing correction of astigmatism
  • Those with more than 500㎛ corneal thickness
  • Those with very thin corneas or very small eyes
  • Those with severe dry eyes
  • Those engaged in activities that impart impact upon the eyes
  • Those who cannot undergo laser eye surgery due to ultra-high myopia or astigmatism
  • Those with very thin corneas
  • Those with great fear of surgery
- Need to pay attention to avoiding impact immediately after surgery Requires 3~6 months of care Requires regular check-up and caution to prevent impact
Next day of surgery, 1 month postop, 6 months postop Next day, 4 days postop, and long term care for 3~6 months required Every week for 1 month, and regular check-up required
Pain and
  • Little pain and discomfort
  • Recovery by the next day
  • Mild discomfort
  • Recovery period of 3~4 days
  • Very little pain
  • Recovery by the next day
Postoperative Care
Postoperative Check-up
Pain and Downtime

If required, medical certificate will be provided for the postop check-up overseas.