CRS(Cataract Refractive Suit)

B&VIIT CRS is the refractive cataract surgery system that increases both safety and accuracy, and it enables to achieve improved refractive outcome. It is an innovative surgical method that can correct cataracts, presbyopia, and refractive errors at once.


Process of Laser Cataract Surgery

Bladeless, laser cataract surgery is a more gentle procedure. Less energy is used inside the eye during laser cataract surgery as opposed to traditional cataract surgery using ultrasound, ensuring a safer, less-invasive removal of your eye’s natural lens. Smaller, more precise laser incisions means your implant is better centered and snugly fit within your eye, meaning a more accurate refractive result and better visual acuity with less dry eye syndrome after surgery.


The LenSx laser makes the
corneal incision.


The LenSx makes an opening in the front of the lens (capsulorhexis).


The LenSx laser breaks apart the cataract into smaller pieces.


Surgeon removes the cataract with an ultrasonic probe and suction.


Surgeon inserts a new lens through the same microincision.


Sugeon checks the focus on the retina after surgery.

A Comparison of Monofocal and Multifocal Intraocular Lenses(IOL)

Intraocular Lens acts as a crystalline lens. Multifocal IOLs or extended depth of focus IOLs provide high-quality vision at multiple distances, and monofocal IOLs are used to restore vision for one area of focus.

Monofocal IOLs VS Multifocal IOLs (including extended depth of focus)

Provides good vision at one distance (typically far vision)


Corrects vision for near, far, and intermediate distances

Vision is not improved for outside of focus


Ensures improved seamless vision

Requires reading glasses after surgery

Need for glasses

May eliminate or reduce the need for
glasses altogether

Suitable for the elderly with
little short distance work


Suitable for those who enjoy various activities such as night driving and sports

Reasons to choose B&VIIT Cataract System

  • 1:1 customized cataract surgery with 40 thorough and detailed examinations

    B&VIIT, which puts safety as the top priority, offers personalized cataract surgery with precise examinations.

  • Cross-check system of cataract professionals

    For the whole process from examination, surgery, to postoperative care, cataract professionals perform every step carefully.

  • Excellent laser cataract center designated by Alcon headquarters

    B&VIIT Refractive Cataract Center has been officially certified by Alcon headquarters.