Premier Practice Showcase

RSA(Refractive Surgery Alliance) premier practice showcase 2019 was held at B&VIIT Eye Center. Under the leadership of RSA member Ik Hee Ryu, MD, MS, B&VIIT incorporates advanced concepts in refractive technologies, process management, IT, artificial intelligence and quality systems on a large scale to achieve very high volume with very high safety standards.

  • B&VIIT Eye Center is truly the future of the ophthalmology market. Guy Kezirian, MD, MBA(Founder, RSA)
  • 11 ophthalmologists and 150 medical staff members are harmonized and well-played like an orchestra to provide best medical services. Antony Grillo MD(Pacific ClearVision Institute, US)
  • Very structured and everyone has their own roles. They check many times to see the information is correct. With this system and with all of the capabilities, B&VIIT is in a very good shape to scale to be all over Korea or in Asia. Roger Zaldivar, MD, MBA(President, RSA / Insituto Zaldivar SA, Argentina)
  • B&VIIT AI is really revolutionizing, and it will be implemented through medicine in the very near future. William Schiff, OD(Barnet Dulaney Perkins Eye Center, US)
  • B&VIIT Eye Center is a world-class center for sure. I’ve visited several places around the world and this is one of the best I’ve ever seen. It’s amazing! It's very clear that the whole team is under the around quality and safety. And it is very obvious that all the processes and all the details have been thought out ahead of time. Gregory Parkhurst, MD(Parkhurst NuVision, US)
  • B&VIIT is a step into the future. I was very impressed by the technology you developed in both way you created this AI system and the way you are able to gather the data from all those different equipment. I think B&VIIT is doing all that is needed to be done now in this field. This AI system has a sense if you can offer many options to the patients. If you only do PRK, it’s sense less to have such systems behind you. So you basically do everything ranging from PRK to SMILE or refractive lens exchange, or ICL. You have all the options on the table, which increases a lot of value of the practice.I perceived the high quality of surgery selection even DNA testing which is really fantastic! Andrea Russo, MD, PhD(Centro Oculistico Bresciano, Italy)
  • B&VIIT is incredible. I’ve never been to the center that is so detailed oriented, that is so dedicated to the perfect and safe outcome of vision correction. This is truly a world-class facility. I wish B&VIIT was more advertised worldwide because I think this should be wonderful place or ideal place for medical tourism in the future. R. Luke Rebenitsch, MD(ClearSight Center, US)
  • All the people at B&VIIT are incredibly friendly. We got the impression that it has very high competence of all the people who work here and all the doctors. It's going to be incredible impression and experience. B&VIIT Eye Center is pure perfection. Josef Stoiber, MD, PD(Amadeus Eye Center, Austria) and his wife, Christine

Recognized by world ophthalmologists