• 27 Years of experience
  • 470,000 Eye surgeries completed
  • 10 Ophthalmologists
  • 150 Medical staff members
  • 60 Types of detailed eye exam


B&VIIT A.I. Vision Correction Prediction System

Based on 27 years of surgical know-how and accumulated vision correction data of 470,000 eyes, we derive the result value and propose an optimized vision correction method for the individual.

Medical Advice and Lectures

B&VIIT's expertise and experience has been the cornerstone of medical lectures all over the world more than 50 times since 2011.

Recent Achievements

As a leading eye center of Korea, it is our duty to constantly improve our services. In our effort to find the best vision correction guidelines, we are consistently conducting research into vision correction and so B&VIIT has released 120 research papers to date. B&VIIT's medical expertise has been proven by receiving numerous awards and certifications.


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Great place if you want to get your eyes done!! Just got my ICL surgery done here a month ago. Everything about the place is clean and sanitize. They do such a great job over the pre examination before deciding what eye surgery you need. The process of getting your eyes down is super clean and sanitize. Definitely a place to go to even if you just want a consultation.

140 x 140

After living with glasses and using contact lenses for sports for many years and coupled with Covid, wearing masks and experiencing constant fogging issues, I decided to see if I could remediate my glasses situation once and for all. I originally found B&VIIT via a google search, although after speaking with some staff in my office, I found that one of them previously had eye correction surgery at B&VIIT and had nothing but positive feedback. I made an online appointment in English and the whole process was straight forward in organising my initial eye tests. Basically you go in for 2-3 hrs for a whole host of eye exams. B&VIIT is clinical, clean, professional and extremely thorough which made me feel more comfortable in going through this process. On the same day you have a consultation with an Ophthalmologist who goes through your exams and what treatment will best work for you. At no time did I feel any sales pressure to commit, although I promptly booked for surgery that day for two weeks later as I was so pleased and reassured with B&VIIT's service. I had LASIK performed with mono vision correction to give me the best of both worlds, as I work on computer screens all day and I also play a lot of sports in my free time. The surgery itself was fine. There was a little discomfort and my own apprehension throughout the surgery, although I didn't feel any pain. Dr Choi was fantastic, talked me through the whole process, knew I was nervous and helped calmed me down. The surgery itself was around 20 mins across two different laser machines and most time on the day was spent on surgery preparation. I went home that evening and settled into my recovery. I was able to see with some blurred vision and for 2-3 hrs after the surgery that night I experienced some tearing and discomfort with mild pain. My vision continued to improve and by the time I finished my morning check up the next day, it was like a new world had opened up for me. My only regret was that I didn't do this sooner. I just completed my 1 month check up and so happy to have 20/17 vision. Getting this done was such a life changing experience for me. I'd like to thank Rosa (International Patient Manager) for looking after me. Rosa is caring, knowledgeable, professional and very accommodating to international patients. I felt comfortable dealing with her and the extended team. It goes without saying that a huge thank you goes out Dr. Choi who performed my surgery. Incredibly professional, explained everything about my eye condition, the surgery at hand and made sure I was given the best possible patient care. Thank you so much!

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One-day Surgery

We can arrange the schedule for examination in the morning and surgery in the afternoon on the same day for vision correction surgery.

Online Consultation

  • Please make an appointment at least 3 days prior to your visit.