Ortho-K Lens(a.k.a. Dream lens)

For non-surgical patients and the underage

Ortho-K lenses(Dream Lens) are specially designed contact lenses that gently and gradually reshape the front surface of the cornea while sleeping, which can possibly eliminate or reduce myopia or astigmatism.

Safe option for vision correction without surgery

Ortho-K lenses are non-surgical vision correction method that enables safe vision correction for children as well as teenagers.

  • Convenience

    Vision is corrected while sleeping and normal vision is restored by removing the lens.

  • No Surgery

    It is a special contact lens that can show laser vision correction effect without surgery.

  • Safety

    It can suppress myopia progression, so can be used by children and adolescents.

Reasons to choose B&VIIT Ortho-K Lens

01 Ortho-K
B&VIIT has a specialized center that is professionally handling and managing Ortho-K lenses.
02 Introduction of
myopiaprediction program
This program suggests most appropriate Ortho-K lenses for individual’s eye condition.
03 State-of-the-art
examining equipment
With most advanced technology, accurate results are provided.
04 Personalized
Ortho-K lenses are matched with 1:1 customized consultation and treatment system.