Customizing options can be added up to laser vision correction surgery such as SMILE, LASIK, and PRK based on an individual’s eye condition.


Improve vision quality markedly through customized corneal cutting for each individual

Best synergy for personalized surgery!
Check for refractive errors in your eyes, including: corneal shape, myopia, and astigmatism through examination of corneal topography. Link it to a vision correction laser called an excimer laser to make the necessary correction in accordance with the corneal status of each patient.

Improve refractive errors including astigmatism and deviation from the center by minimizing irregular/asymmetric corneal higher-order aberrations, thereby providing higher vision quality by securing clearer and cleaner sight that is free from any experience of light spread or glare at night.

12 months after Contoura Vision surgery, 99% of patients achieved visual acuity superior than 20/17 (Source: Alcon)


No light spread or glare at night! Clean and clear vision!

Customized vision correction realized through linkage between the cutting-edge refractive error measuring equipment and the excimer laser!
Vision corrections are made in accordance with individuals’ conditions by checking refractive errors including night vision, contrast sensitivity and clarity, etc., and by linking these findings with the vision correction laser called excimer laser.

Correct light spread by lowering higher-order aberrations

What are the higher-order aberrations? These refer to the elements that affect night vision, contrast, sensitivity, and clarity, and a higher order of aberration signifies a greater extent of light spread and glare at night.

Improved sensitivity to light

Recommended for those who regularly experience glare or drive extensively at night.


Make damaged cornea stronger after SMILE, LASIK and LASEK(PRK) surgery!

X-tra is a procedure to make the cornea stronger by increasing the binding force of collagen that composes the cornea using riboflavin(vitamin B) and the Avedro KXL system in laser vision correction surgical procedures.

X-tra Surgical Effects

  • Prevents keratoectasia that can potentially occur after surgery, although very rare.
  • Substantially reduces the possibility of myopic regression that can occur after surgery.
  • Surgery can be performed for those with ultra-high myopia and thin cornea.
  • Can treat keratoconus regardless of vision correction

Autologous Serum Eye Drops

For quick recovery and protection of nerves following vision correction surgery!

Autologous serum eye drops are a special eye drop made by separating the platelets only through centrifugation after collecting the patients’ blood. It even has excellent effects on the restoration of minute wounds on the eyeballs by suppressing inflammation.

Effects of autologous serum eye drops

  • Prevents damage to the corneal nerve, and alleviates dry eye syndrome.
  • Promotes regeneration of corneal epithelial cells.
  • Excellent in healing and restoration of wounds
  • Excellent for pain relief through its anti-inflammatory action
  • Excellent for healing minute conjunctiva wounds