• 26 Years of experience
  • 450,000 Eye surgeries completed
  • 11 Ophthalmologists
  • 150 Medical staff members
  • 60 Types of detailed eye exam


B&VIIT A.I. Vision Correction Prediction System

Based on 26 years of surgical know-how and accumulated vision correction data of 450,000 eyes, we derive the result value and propose an optimized vision correction method for the individual.

Medical Advice and Lectures

B&VIIT's expertise and experience has been the cornerstone of medical lectures all over the world more than 50 times since 2011.

Recent Achievements

As a leading eye center of Korea, it is our duty to constantly improve our services. In our effort to find the best vision correction guidelines, we are consistently conducting research into vision correction and so B&VIIT has released 120 research papers to date. B&VIIT's medical expertise has been proven by receiving numerous awards and certifications.


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My name is Bastian and I'm from Germany. I have been wearing glasses since I was 12 years old. After finally deciding to take the step towards regaining my sight I consulted with B&VIIT Eye Center in Gangnam, Seoul. I was looking to undergo SMILE surgery that is known as the worlds most advanced vision correction procedure. The first step of the one-day SMILE process is arrival at the clinic and filling in of my details. I checked in at B&VIIT and after meeting with our clinic consultant we started the testing process. The testing process consists of conducting 60 different tests at 15 testing stations in order to evaluate whether I am eligible to undergo vision correction. In order to be as thorough as possible, the testing process takes about 2 hours. We also conduct an Avellino Universal Test to determine the presence of gene mutation related to Avellino corneal dystrophy. After all the tests have been concluded I met with a resident ophthalmologist in order to discuss the test results. Upon receiving the green light I met with a consultant to discuss which procedure I would like to have done. I decided to proceed with SMILE vision correction, and after paying the SMILE fee I was given numbing eye drops in order to eliminate any pain or discomfort I might feel during the procedure. After around 20 minutes, I went into the surgery room where I spent a whole 10 minutes to have the surgery done, literally the blink of an eye. After the surgery, my vision had improved and I was excited to see what the next days results would have in store for me.

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I had very bad eye sight before my surgery. I had – 7.00 & - 7.50 vision. When I heard about B&VIIT through my friend at work, I wanted to check it out. I was very pleased with the services they gave. They gave thorough tests to check my eyes to decide which surgery I would have. The nurses and doctors were very kind and spoke good English. After my surgery I could see well and didn’t have a lot of pain. I called often when I had questions and they always answered politely with great English. I am very pleased with B&VIIT Eye center and I will recommend this clinic to people who ask about eye surgery. It is a very clean and bright clinic. There is a lot of staff walking around to help people. Thank you very much B&VIIT Eye center!

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One-day Surgery

We can arrange the schedule for examination in the morning and surgery in the afternoon on the same day for vision correction surgery.

Online Consultation

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